Can’t shut off sound when looking for channel lineup


I am using version 8.85 of the Spectrum TV app build date 9/20/23 on my iPhone 11. My phone software is 16.6.1.

Tonight I tried to find the guide on the app and noticed several things:

I could not find the channel grid as I could up until this update

I could not turn off the sound from the video that was playing as I was trying to find the channel grid.

I did not find anywhere in the settings to help with my issues. Appreciate any help.

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  • Renee_T
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    Hello @Magicman52!

    I'm sorry to hear about all the issues with the new app update. The icons in the app have been consolidated, so there is no longer a full guide, it would be on the same page as the live TV. I'm not familiar with any sound issues. When you open the live TV tab and make the stream full screen to mute, does it not stay muted when you shrink it down to see the guide?


  • Magicman52
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    Thank you for the reply. When I wrote the message, there were no icons on the screen to turn off the sound. After reading the reply, I tried the app again and the icons, including for sound, appeared this morning. That appeared to resolve my issue.

    Hopefully turning off the sound icon once will allow it to remain off.

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