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I had a technician come to my home last Monday to install home phone and internet and the tech gave us a wrong number once the modem was installed and he brought no internet router with him. He claimed that I had to wait an additional two days for our number to be transferred over from verizon, and that I should customer service only call the day of the number transfer. When I called customer service, they couldn't give me a straight answer and then they scheduled an appointment for a week later for a tech to come out to make sure that our number was transferred over from verizon, and when I asked for the internet router to be included in the order, they claimed that they couldn't put that into the order.


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    Hi -

    There can be different reasons that ports are not sucessfull. I was able to locate your account and I see that another appointment has been set up to resolve the issue. If the issue continues after your next appointment, please let us know.

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