Internet drops for all devices but modem and router appear on line.

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My connection to the internet for all devices drops about 2-3 times per day at random times and for about 5-10 minutes. When I check the modem and router during these drops, they both appear to be connected. I have had the modem replaced but not the router. I have read about firmware upgrades but it appears that this is automatically done from Spectrum. I cannot explain it or trouble shoot an more options and would like some assistance beyond the normal unplug and plug back in directions for the router and modem.

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    Hi & welcome!

    I was able to locate your account from your registration information. You modem signal levels are out of range, specifically your tx upstream levels. Restarting the modem may help to temporarily resolve the issue, otherwise we suggest that you schedule a service call at your earliest convenience to address the issue.


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    Thank you for the response James. I will follow your instructions and use this request a service call as well.


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    In the short until the tech arrives, where it is practical, check the condition of your cables and connectors.

    Make sure all active cables are terminated somehow--either an actual device or a screw on termination cap. If a cable jack is not in use in a room but still connected to signal from the plant, it can act as a small antenna that lets stray signals creep into the system and generate noise. Some markets are using frequencies close or actually in line with mainstream cell phones, so this can be a pretty big gotcha sometimes.

    Want to have snug, clean, dry connections, no crimped/pinched/nicked cables, no sharp bends (tighter than what would happen wrapping around a soda bottle).

    Also want to avoid being too close to potentially noisy electrical items like flourescent fixtures, unshielded motors/speakers/etc. Don't want to be close to items broadcasting micro- or other radio waves either (microwaves, cell repeaters, etc.)

    Want to avoid situations that may cause dramatic shifting temperature/humidity too. Something that can get overlooked when running one's own cables. Direct exposure to sunlight/weather, through standing water, up against heating/cooling equipment... shifts in the environment from such things causes shifts in resistance, which can knacker signals.

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