I have the Silver Package and I want to print the channel line-up in alphabetical order and it won't

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I want to print my Silver Package TV channel line-up in alphabetical order but it won't let me do that even though I selected the alphabetical order option. When I select print line-up, the line-up keeps coming out in numerical order and I don't want that. Alphabetical order is easier to use and find because it has the number of that channel below it's name. Also, I can't find anywhere on the Spectrum website where I can ask for a channel line-up to be mailed to me.

This needs to be looked at and changed. It should have been checked before the option was finalized on the website!!! Come IT guys at Spectrum, get this fixed for customers to be able to do it. It says we can but we can't!!!! :( :(

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    Hello @country

    I'm sorry to hear about the frustration with the channel lineup. I did check the account using your community registration information and saw that you did speak to someone to have a ticket put in so that a line up would be sent to you. I will be sure to forward your feedback regarding the online lineup though.


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    I upgraded from the Silver plan to Spectrum Select+ Entertainment View with HBO/MGM+ as Ala-Carte options. To add to this feedback, and being with cable since 1985, I miss the little channel placement cards that you would get in the mail that showed your printed line up. They did not do it alphabetically, but by package.

    I don't know what guide software the OP is running on his box or if he/she is watching on a mobile device, but on the ODN software, (Ava liable in legacy TWC/BHN you can press Guide twice and filter the guide by Networks (A-Z) along with several other options.

    Spectrum may want to consider adding this option to its newest Spectrum Guide, Spectrum TV app, and the Xumo streaming box, when the streaming box comes out of Beta.


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