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I received an alert from Experian advising that my email, which is with sc.rr.com and my password were detected on the dark web. Of course it suggested changing my password which I attempted to do. I was finally able to change it by going to webmail.spectrum.net and using settings. It directed me to "Self Care" in order to do so and I received a confirmation that the changes were made. After this I tried to access my webmail using the same website address a little bit later. I received a message "We're sorry but there was an issue accessing Spectrum Webmail. Try signing in again." It appears as if it's directing me to Atmail. When I sign into my Spectrum account and click on the email link I receive a message saying "an error occurred. Please contact site administrator." I was using my iPhone on Safari and received the same message on both the mobile and the desktop websites. All my email settings are the same and nothing's been changed except for updating my new password. I sent an test email which I received in the mail app on the iPhone.

On my MacBook Pro with OS Mohave 10.14.1 when I tried to sign into the website I received the message "enter my password on my internet account" I continued then I received the message "Can't connect to email. Enter password." Whether I used my new password or my previous one I received "Unable to verify account name or password" I then cancelled out of the message and after I did that in a moment my email account appeared with my emails. However, the mail app on my MacBook Pro did not receive my test email. I still can't access my Webmail account on my iPhone 14 Pro Max with iOS 16.6.1 using https://webmail.spectrum.net/

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    Hello William.

    Thank you! I have cleared cookies and cache. Email settings are correct. I was actually able to connect to my Webmail account now. IDK how it kept being directed to Atmail. I had checked my history earlier and the URL above appeared.

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