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I have recently purchased your special for one year. That was on the 5th now it is the 25th still no internet started out had to run a line made an appt. Didn't show up fir a half a week later. Ran line got conformation my service was on didn't gave no equipment. Made appt for tech to install at the house had 4 messages but when I call to find out were tech is no record can't see links that I'm sending to show I have appt. Now have new appt I bet when the bill is due on the 18th you won't have a problem getting that will you?


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    Hi & welcome!

    I was able to locate your account and I see that you have an appointment scheduled in the near future to complete the installation. If the technician who arrives for the service call is unable to complete the job to your satisfaction, please let us know.


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    Yes again waiting around I'll let you know

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