Are there any good remotes to work with the Spectrum DVRs?

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We're new to Spectrum's DVRs. We were Spectrum customers previously but back then we used TiVo's (which were eliminated when Spectrum updated their service). Overall, we like the options of the Spectrum service but the replaying stuff on the DVR is HORRIBLE.

Response times for when we press the control buttons (play, pause, fast forward, etc) is frustratingly long. I press a button and it's at least 3 seconds before I get a response. We have both the "Spectrum Guide Remote" and the "1060BC2/1060BC3" remotes and neither of them works very well. These sure aren't as easy at the TiVo's remotes were to use.

It's been years since I haven't had a remote that allows jumping forward 30 seconds at a time in a recording and backing up 10 or 15 seconds at a time. The DirecTV Stream remote was frustrating at times but these remotes make me realize that I didn't appreciate the DirecTV remote enough.

When I'm skipping commercials it's almost impossible to hit the start of the next segment of the program. You have to guess when you want to return to regular playback by 3 - 5 seconds or so because it will take at least 3 seconds to respond to the command. And the Back buttons on both remotes aren't dependable. It looks like each press should jump back 10 seconds, but sometimes they jump back 10 seconds, or jump back 1 or 2 seconds, or replay what just played, or jump back 15 minutes or more. It's unclear what you'll get even with 1 press of the Back button, let alone multiple presses.

So far we're liking the Spectrum TV service overall but we record a LOT of shows and play them back later. If we can't get a dependable remote for the DVR service then we're going to have to rethink getting our TV service through Spectrum.

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    Hello @GWGuen!

    Welcome to the Community Forums, sorry to hear that you're experiencing remote control issues. I am happy to look into this for you. Seeing as though you're having an issue with both remote models, the cable box itself may be the issue. Have you tried rebooting the cable box then using the remote?

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    Thank you for that suggestion. It hadn't been that long since I'd hooked up the cable box but I guess something didn't get set up right when I first connected it. I unplugged the cable box for over a minute and plugged it back in.

    In any case, the remotes are working better now. I still REALLY miss my 30-second-forward-jump button but for now I can live without it. Pressing the fast-forward button a couple of times, I can speed moderately quickly through commercials and if I press the Play/Pause button as soon as I see the show come on then I only have to use the 15-second back button a few times to get back to where I want. The remotes were definitely NOT working like this before the reset.

    What's more interesting to me, though, is that if I press the fast-forward button up to 3 times and then press the Back button as soon as I see my show come back on, then it consistently backs up to a place 0 - 30 seconds before my show starts back up. For the most part this is better than the first method but I have to be watching closely at that screen, though. Pushing fast-forward 3 times takes me to either 30x or 50x speed so things are changing quickly there so I have to watch carefully as to what is showing. This isn't as relaxing as pressing the 30-second forward jump button 6 or 7 times but I can live with this for now.



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