Setting up the new 5G hardware to both 2G and 5G

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Since I got the new 5G hardware I have lost all connectivity to my 2G devices. I understand the the new device is sending out 2G and 5G but It seems the 2G devices are looking for something with a 2G label on it. My old device had 2 tabs setup both named the same except for one said 2G and one said 5G (MySpectrumWiFi00-2g, MySpectrumWiFi00-5g). Can I get that same setup for my new router ?


  • buddydog
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    apparently not...that's the new Spectrum "smart router"

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    I lost my 2G connection too with the new router. The connectivity to my cellphone and computer is not good. It loses connection causing videos to not fully load or websites to not fully load. A lot of the videos stop playing after 10 seconds. It’s making me mad. Never had this problem with my old setup.

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    May want to doublecheck the wifi's encryption/authentication scheme. They may not get along with anything higher/newer than AES/WPA2-Personal.

    As a general rule, devices originally running up to Android 10 or iOS 13, or other OS versions from roughly the same time frame (like early era of Windows 10 or older) have been known to suffer from this.

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    What oldhoofer1 is referring to is what I had too. I was able to use my cellphone under the connection of the 2G wifi connection label and my tv was dedicated to the 5G wifi labeled connection from the router we had before we were made to switch it out to the new router version. We lost the split and we'd like that back. A Spectrum service agent had come out to my house to set that up because we had such terrible TV connection.

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    But if they set that up to use a newer protocol than the device(s) support (like... say WPA3), they will not be able to link up to the new router.

    Should be something that can be quickly verified/changed.

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    Whenever Spectrum does enable WPA3, it should be WPA2/WPA3 transition mode for a good long time.

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