After 2hr outage, packet loss and upload speeds are 1/2 what they used to be

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Hi. 3 nights ago there was a 2hr outage that prompted Spectrum to send a text message indicating that they've found a problem and they're working on it, etc, etc. When service was restored, there has been signal weirdness and packet loss.

I run a couple daemons that monitor things like packet loss to the first upstream hop, signal levels reported by the modem and up/download speeds. Here's what it looks like:

Packet loss graph:

You can see the point at which things went south. The second outage was due to me rebooting the cable modem and swapping cables. Packet loss went from sporadic before the 2hr outage to dropping 1-3 packets every 75-second interval.

Downstream power and SNR graphs:

So small drop but nothing notable (at least to my untrained eye).

Upstream power is weird:

Before the outage, upstream power would oscillate in a narrow range with daytime heating. After the outage, all 4 upstream channels seem to be pegged at 23.0dB with very little change.

Finally, up/download speedtest graphs:

Download speedtest results are basically unchanged. But upload speeds are very erratic after the outage and are around 1/2 what they were (the chart is logarithmic...before the outage, uploads were around 22mbps. After the outage, they seem to hover around 11-14mbps.

So it seems like whatever repair was made to fix the outage on Tuesday morning has had some adverse effects. Any idea what's wrong and how to get someone to look at it? Since this isn't affecting my connectivity, reporting it to customer service will likely go nowhere.


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    Possible you got shunted through different circuits as a stopgap while they fix a larger problem.. which is leading to a bigger congestion problem.

    Happened to me once when we found major issues along the eastern seaboard about 10 years ago. Traffic was redirected south through the Charleston, SC area on it's way to Atlanta--and occasionally down into Florida--before it moved on elsewhere. For a while things got pretty nasty... especially when trying to reach the likes of Square Enix Montreal, Ubisoft, or Bungie.

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