Spectrum cell service on a Verizon LTE Extender

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I have Verizon cell service in an area that has poor coverage. I was lucky to get one bar. I purchased an LTE Extender from Verizon that consistently provides me with 4 bars of Verizon service all the time.

My wife uses a different cell provider and would like to move to Spectrum mobile. Spectrum support states that their phones/service will connect to the Verizon LTE Extender and give her four bars. However, I don't have a way to confirm this and don't know anyone with Spectrum cell service.

Does anyone here have a Verizon LTE Extender (or know of someone that does) that confirm that this is working for them with Spectrum Mobile, with the Extender, before we commit and then find out it does not work?

You can dial #48 from your Spectrum mobile phone to confirm that you are connected to the Verizon LTE Extender. If you are connected you will get a message stating "Welcome to Verizon wireless. You are under network extender coverage with ID XXXXXXXX"

Anyone that comes to my house with Verizon cell service gets four bars without me having do to anything.

Thank you -- Steve


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    The towers we use are Verizon towers. However I am not familiar with the LTE Extender. The best bet to get the most accurate answer is to call in to the mobile team at 1-833-224-6603. They would be able to answer any questions you have about the mobile service.


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    Steve you said "Spectrum support states that their phones/service will connect to the Verizon LTE Extender and give her four bars." I would be inclined to trust them and have your wife give Spectrum Mobile a try, which only costs you $14 (for a 1gig month) to see that it works. If she needs an Unlimited account ($29 iirc) you can easily switch to that.

    I think the bigger risk to you than the $14 bucks is that YOU decide to go with Spectrum (my wife and I pay just $38/month for two $14 lines and an Apple watch @ $10) and then you lose your account with Verizon. It appears that you have to have such in order to get the extender to work. Heck I'd buy an extender myself and try it, cuz we too have poor VZW reception, but we have no Verizon account to make it work with!

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