Missing chs on different devices

mrmagee25 Posts: 3 Spectator

When I am traveling, why am I getting a different set of channels on my mobile phone compared to when I log in the app on a TV set? I have checked to verify the option for all the channels I subscribe to is selected.


  • Ruben_R
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    I'm really sorry about this inconvenience. Some channels are not available when you're not on the home network.

  • mrmagee25
    mrmagee25 Posts: 3 Spectator

    That doesn’t answer the question! That’s a generic reply that we already know. I’m using two devices while not in my own network and 1 is getting channels the other is not getting. Why?

  • William_M
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    Are you getting a message about not being on your home network or something different? Can you provide some examples of the channels you believe you should be able to view?

  • mrmagee25
    mrmagee25 Posts: 3 Spectator

    For example, on the tv set with a Roku, accessing the spectrum app, it doesn’t allow for locals. When I press Ok in the guide and select locals, it says not an option. We were able to previously and randomly we cannot. When I log into my phone and view I can access locals. No errors on either the tv or mobile device, accessing the same network, but not allowing the same viewing option. We’re fully aware some channels won’t be available when not on the home network, but nobody can advise why we’re not getting the same options on two diff devices.

  • James_M
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    Thanks for the additional information. A quick recap to ensure I understand the issue correctly; The app works as expected while at home on all devices, but away from home the Roku blocks local channels (as expected) and your iPhone sometimes shows local channels. So, the issue is that you sometimes get more channels than expected while away from home, but only mobile / iPhone, and not every time.

    I was able to locate your account using your registration information and I can see a couple authentication errors on both the iPhone and Roku. I can also see that you are using Spectrum Mobile and the credentials are associated with an employee account. Let me know if I got any of these details incorrect, including the issue details above.

    It sounds like there is possibly either a cache/history or an authentication error that is causing the app to not work consistently as expected on the iPhone. Next steps would be to delete the app on the iPhone, clear the app cache and reinstall the app. In addition, please restart the modem on the account. If the issue persists, you will need to also change your password to force an authentication update. If these steps do not clear up the issue, please let us know and we forward your information to the app team for further investigation.

    Thanks again!

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