Spectrum outage for the past 5 hours in Minnesota

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No ETA and the person I spoke with said technicians are working on it. Initially it said 5 pm but not it's going to be 8 PM and neither an ETA or update on when would this be resolved.

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    Hello and Welcome to the Spectrum community.

    With area wide issues we are generally not given the cause or an estimated time of restoration. When an estimate is available it will show on the My Spectrum app but is just an estimate and can change as repairs go on.

    If it is confirmed with an agent there is an issue in the area then it is being worked on and will be resolved as quickly as possible. Some issues can take time to repair depending on the cause for example if a pole was hit damage and other utilities on the pole would need to be fixed first as cable is last on the priority list. If it is a fiber optic line break then they would need to wait for specialized equipment and technicians to arrive and then repair the fiber line which can consist of hundreds of strands of hair thin glass fibers that need to be fused together in a very specific way.


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