If a Current Customer's DVR Box Needs Replacement?

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If a customer's cable box/DVR stops working and a tech needs to replace the box, what will a tech currently do?

1.) Replace the box with a traditional STB/DVR?

2.) Replace the box with a new Xumo Streaming box, unless specified that the customer wants to keep a traditional DVR box.

New customers will get a Xumo streaming box by default with cloud DVR service if they order DVR service, can still request a traditional DVR box:

Source: https://cordcuttersnews.com/spectrum-is-ditching-traditional-cable-tv-is-going-streaming-only-for-new-tv-customers/


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    Heya Satch,

    The techs will replace DVR boxes with DVR boxes. Currently customers would have to call in to order a Xumo and customer will be given the option to rent a traditional STB or purchase/rent a Xumo when signing up for new cable service.

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