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I am considering discontinuing my cable services and moving to internet only. I wanted to test a streaming service before I made a decision, but when I disconnect my cable box, my router/modem automatically powers down. I’m sure there is a very simple explanation for this. I have a router/modem tg1672g. It’s a combo model. I think the problem might be that the power cord for the modem is plugged into the back of the cable box and then the cable box is plugged into the outlet, but I don’t want to unhook things in case it’s not that simple.

Can someone tell me if in fact that is my issue? Thanks so much.


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    Hi @Lynnlee22. The modem does need a source of power so if it is connected to the receiver and that is disconnected you will lose internet. You should just be able to connect the modem directly to the power outlet the receiver is using instead. That is a pretty old model, so when you call I recommend making sure you are on a current package and you should get newer equipment.

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