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After I replaced my old Arris Spectrum modem which died today with a new ET 2251 modem given to me by Spectrum my measured download Internet speed plummeted from 200-300 Mbps to less than 1 Mbps. I reset and rebooted everything with no change in speeds observed. This is a barely usable speed obviously. My paid plan is for 300 Mbps. Do you think I received a faulty replacement modem? I’m tempted to buy my own.

Thank you


  • Renee_T
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    Hello @TerryKN

    I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the new modem. I took a look at the account using your community registration information and it looks like the new modem was not fully activated on the account, so it was not provisioned correctly. I updated things on our end and the modem is showing the proper speed provisioning now. Are the speeds back up where they should be?

  • TerryKN
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    Hi Renee,

    Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t receive notification of a reply. Yes, in fact, on the following morning when I checked my Internet speeds they were better than ever (> 300 Mbps) so thank you very much for taking care of that for me.

    I wasn’t aware that I had to notify Spectrum to activate one of their own modems so I’m glad you read my comment!


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    No worries on the delay, we're used to the responses here being a little delayed, especially overnight. I'm glad to hear that those updates corrected things for you and that you're seeing the new speeds. Enjoy the faster speeds!

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