My 23ultr samsung won't cannot to spectrum mobile access point

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I have new samsung 23ultra I'm trying to connect it to spectrum mobile access point I switched sim couple time went to spectrum store and the have no idea how to help me with it is android and I have another 21ultra have the same problem but my wife iphone works fine som my question is there an update about this issue and would be solve ant time soon because I'm about change service provider for that so can u please help me with this problem I was able to connect to spectrum mobile in the past but not anymore.


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  • Renee_T
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    Hello @Saif88!

    Welcome to our community! We are limited in the support we can offer here for mobile services. I would recommend speaking to our mobile team directly at 833-224-6603 as they would be better able to assist.


  • Saif88
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    I tried but they don't have clear answer or how to fix the issue itry different sim still the same

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