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There is a possibility that I will be moving to the Atlanta, Georgia metro area from the Mansfield, Ohio area as soon as April 2024.

I currently have my landline as VoIP over my internet. It has been a phone number my family has had for about 70 years.

Now, my question. I want to buy an iPhone Max Pro 1TB Titanium (will probably go with the “Black” since it is closest to “Space Grey”, as early as when you have an inventory back in stock since this past week I saw it was out of stock until last month and won't let me “preorder”)

I would be buying one phone (I am one person, don't need more than one) and I would pay for it in full.

So, can the Spectrum VoIP phone landline be transferred to a Spectrum Mobile phone, then for the time I remain in Ohio a new number be assigned to my Spectrum VoIP Landline…then if I move to Georgia (since your Spectrum Mobile is on the Verizon Network), I turn in my cable box and my Router/Modem and give my new address in Georgia around the end of March 2024.

Or am I wishing too much for a $1,500 phone from you plus accessories, with a phone that can navigate me down the 700-mile trip to Georgia?

Thank you kindly.

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    Hello @RevDrJBDTDDPhD!

    Welcome to our community! I believe the home phone number can be transferred to a mobile line, but I would recommend reaching out to our mobile team directly at 833-224-6603 as they would have the most information regarding phone number port requirements.

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