Spectrum app opens to recently viewed

ERJ Posts: 4 Spectator

Anyone having issues in western Ohio with the Spectrum app on Roku opening to recently viewed channels?

Requires exiting before the power on channel shows. If you do nothing after 30 seconds or so, the recently viewed screen disappears.

I have looked at everything in settings and cannot make this go away.

Just want it to work like it used to, power on and goes to the power on channel.


  • Renee_T
    Renee_T Posts: 573 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Hello @ERJ!

    Welcome to our community! Have you noticed the same thing happening on non-Roku devices as well?

  • ERJ
    ERJ Posts: 4 Spectator

    no only Roku

  • William_M
    William_M Posts: 882 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Will you check your Roku for software updates and reinstall the Spectrum TV app?

  • ERJ
    ERJ Posts: 4 Spectator

    have already updated and reinstalled, same issue is present.

    Did Spectrum make some type of default program change causing this?

  • William_M
    William_M Posts: 882 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    It's possible but I don't see anything documented about it. It's not happening on any of my devices though I don't currently have a Roku to check. Did it go straight to that screen even the first time after you reinstalled it?

  • Jaleesa_F
    Jaleesa_F Posts: 221 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator


    I'm sorry to hear that the uninstall/reinstall didn't help. Did you check your Roku for software updates? What version of the Spectrum TV app do have installed on the Roku?

  • ERJ
    ERJ Posts: 4 Spectator

    This happened about a month ago and it’s been frustrating since. It is happening on all 4 of my Rokus. The spectrum app updates itself and is running its current software.

    this only happens on the Spectrum App. If I open say the Scuence channel app, does not happen.

  • James_M
    James_M Posts: 4,386 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Can you also try resetting the Roku from the settings menu. Sometimes the cache needs to be cleared on the device when it is not working as expected.


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