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Hello. I am wondering how to get a website unblocked through Spectrum as a whole? My husband runs a business and his site is blocked for Spectrum customers who have the Security Shield enabled. This is creating an issue with customers accessing our website. We are finding no issues on the website provider side (GoDaddy). How do we go about getting our website off the list of blocked sites?


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    Hello @xBrattneyx!

    Welcome to Community Forums, I am happy to assist with this! You could advise your customers to disable Security Shield when accessing your website. Or you can advise them to contact us directly via phone or social media so that we can properly troubleshoot the issue.

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    Hello Jaleesa.

    So there is no way to have our website removed from the list? Asking hundreds of people to turn off this setting would take an immense amount of time and seems like an odd way to resolve the issue.

    Overall, wouldn't Spectrum want user's to have this setting on? What is the point of it if everyone needs to turn it off to access legitimate websites?

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    @xBrattneyx we're looking into this for you and should have more information soon. Thanks for your patience

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    @xBrattneyx, you can verify if the site is being blocked by Security Shield here:

    If it's confirmed Security Shield is blocking the site you'll be able to submit a request form to have the block removed.

    Let us know if you're still having troubles. Thanks!

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