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Could someone please list all the channels that come with spectrum essentials package. I cannot find them listed anywhere.


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    Good Morning @Gatorjohn!

    This document should have a list of Spectrum TV Essential Channels:



  • HT_Greenfield
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    That list is out of date and partially out of whack.

    Spectrum needs to add TV Essentials to the Channels by Package filter list, here:


    In the meantime, hit the above URL and then hit any one of the three SHOP NOW buttons and then enter your address on the the subsequent localization page and then hit FIND OFFERS and then hit new on the subsequent existing service page - bearing in mind that you're neither eligible for any promotional pricing nor eligible to actually order anything this way if you're not actually new. On the subsequent page, toggle on any one of the internet options and then toggle on either one of the modem options and then hit ADD TV. On the subsequent page, hit Details under the TV Essentials option and there it is (including Newsmax, by the way.)

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