Why does my WIFI not work all the time with laptop printing?

LHrdh Posts: 2 Spectator

I unplug the printer. Wait 30 seconds. Then I have unplugged the WIFI, and turned off and on the printer. I'm getting aggravated with Spectrum. I need help. I need a reliable printer that takes my WIFI connection. I shouldn't need to purchase a new printer, when all this time it has worked well, but last 6 months it is very upsetting!


  • Renee_T
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    Hello @LHrdh

    Welcome to the community! I'm sorry about the issues with the printer. What type of printer are you using?

  • LHrdh
    LHrdh Posts: 2 Spectator

    Hp laser jet pro MFP M225dw

  • William_M
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    Thanks. That seems like a great printer. I was able to locate your account and see the printer connected with a very strong (RSSI -20) 2,4Gz signal, no detected signal drops or band steering events. Are you having any WiFi problems with other devices? Have you contacted HP to troubleshoot the printer and software?

  • RAIST515O
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    I have had issues in the past with the assigning of IP's via DHCP failing in the past--especially for devices that can go unused for days at a time. As such, I started setting static addresses to things like printers and game consoles. Make sure to bind them in the router's DHCP page though to avoid any conflicts.

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