Cloud DVR shows recording is there, but there is no icon of the recording and no way to access it

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I recorded a show today and the cloud DVR shows that there is a recording (for example 9 of 100 recordings), but it only shows 8 of 100, with the 9th recording not showing up. Of course, the 9th recording is the one I want to watch, which is a sporting event.

Telephone customer service was not helpful.

Any suggestions as I have read posts that this has occurred before with other users?


  • James_M
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    Hi & Welcome!

    What device are you using for Cloud DVR playback?

  • jWS9518
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    I checked on both a Roku and a PC.

    The recording actually showed up 2 hours after the recording finished for some reason or another. I was able to watch the recording at that point.

    This issue has happened twice now.

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