Is 5.1 audio available?


I'm wondering if 5.1 audio quality is available on the streaming app. If it is not currently available, when will it be, as almost every other streaming app has it available. This could be a deal breaker.

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  • Ruben_R
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    Hello and thank you for reaching out. Yes 5.1 audio is available on the TV App on Apple TV and Roku 


  • hdriderdmg
    hdriderdmg Posts: 2 Spectator

    doesn't seem to work for me on Roku. While streaming other Apps, such as Max, or Netflix 5.1 audio seems to be fine, however when I am on the Spectrum app, I am unable to find anything that actually comes in 5.1 audio. I know not all shows are broadcast in 5.1, but like I said, I only get stereo on the Spectrum app, which is very disappointing.

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