Unable to lock fully paid phone

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Bought an Apple iphone 15 from Spectrum and it is fully paid. I have been a customer for almost a year - with 3 lines. However the phone shows as locked by Spectrum.

I can buy the same phone for the same price from Apple, Amazon or any retail store for the same price. Spectrum says to unlock it --

To request an unlock code from Spectrum Mobile:

  • The device must be purchased from, and activated on, a Spectrum Mobile line.
  • The device must be paid off in full.
  • The device cannot be reported lost or stolen or involved with fraudulent activity.
  • Your Spectrum Mobile account must be active for 60 days and in good standing, with no outstanding payments.

My question is - why this 60 days waiting

Even if there is a waiting since I have been a customer for longer why restrict me ?

This does not smell right

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