How do you fix Ping failed, TraceRT failed?

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Hi. I searched the Spectrum Community and did not find anything related to my issue. I hope this is the right place to post.

I am a Spectrum client in the Redlands CA area.  My Internet service is working well. I can ready all websites and web services, except one, see below. 

I work with a client in Rancho Santa Margaria, CA. The client’s Internet service is working well. The client can reach all web sites and web services, except one; the same one.  

The remote software we use to connect to the client computer is not able to connect. I can not connect from the Redlands CA area, client can not connect from Los Angeles area.

I verified my client’s PUBLIC IP ADDRESS is I did a PING to The PING failed. I did a TRACERT to The TRACERT shows a failure at a specific CHARTER server at address

This was working until October 2023. Can anyone help me understand what is going on and how to fix this? This is the screenshot


  • HT_Greenfield
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    You might as well re-run that without canceling it before it has run its course just to see if it reaches that end point on AT&T in 30 or fewer hops despite the echo response time-outs along the way on AT&T but you already know spectrum/charter netops is relaying to AT&T fine, ref. hop 8.


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    Hi @w9smith, welcome to our community!

    As @HT_Greenfield pointed out, you are actually getting to which is AT&T, and the next hop is when it starts timing out. While this may help point out where the issue is coming from, traceroute results can sometimes be misleading as hops may not respond to pings even if they are not having an issue forwarding data.

    Are you able to verify if non-Spectrum users are able to access the website? Does turning on a VPN resolve the issue?

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    Sometimes routers and even endpoints will be configured to not respond to the ECHO request those tools are using, for various reasons.

    Not uncommon to find this done by default for home routers.

  • w9smith
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    Thank you HT_Greenfield for the suggestion and for the information about the AT&T server. I ran the tracert today (same computer, same ISP), letting it complete, with slightly different results.

    The reason for all this is to get remote utility to connect again. The remote utility CAN connect today. I guess the serve is refusing to answer the tracert signal.

  • w9smith
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    Just a follow up in case it will help future readers. The remote utility can connect today (11/09/2023). But the PING fails and the TRACERT still fail.

    I suspect PING has been disabled on this AT&T server to help prevent Ping flood attack, or ping of death attack. I suspect TRACERT has been disabled to prevent mapping network topology. This will not affect the working of the remote utility, but it sure makes diagnosing a connection failure difficult.

    Thank you everyone for helping me understand what was going on.

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    Thanks for the follow-up @w9smith! It's our pleasure. Network security protocols for things like DOS protection is definitely one reason hops may not respond which does make it difficult to interpret traceroute results.

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