Cannot Successfully Complete a Two-Way PC Email Chat

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I have two Samsung A53 phones; one is Spectrum and the other is TracFone (BOTH of which now use Verizon for their carrier). If I use the url of to send an email from my PC to either phone, my email goes through and that phone gets my message.

But if either phone does a reply, it appears on the phones that the reply was successfully sent but it never gets back to my PC - ever. No error message seen!

Yet I can successfully talk to an AT&T phone ( with two way communications! Also I used to be able to talk two way through the TMobile system when my wife's phone was there.

I spoke to a Spectrum Tech who knew nothing about this process. He had an Iphone so I sent him an email, which he got, but when he tied to send his reply his phone hung up with the progress bar half-way across.

I tried to talk to Verizon about this issue but those jerks would not even speak to me as I don't have a Dang Verizon account. Buttholes (I started to call them something else).

I found a comment about '' on this forum where a moderator recently said he got it to work but it was unclear if he was referring to full two way communications.

So, can anyone shed any light on this irritating issue?




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