What is the ALP-1001 error?


This is not an iOS issue. This is a spectrum app issue that they refuse to fix. It’s widely known. I found out about it from a spectrum technician that recently came to my house to address the issue. The spectrum reps and the technicians can’t help. It can only be fixed by programmers at spectrum. The only way to fix it is for enough people to cancel their subscriptions and then maybe spectrum will be forced to address the issue. Customers shouldn’t have to pay for a service that they don’t receive. It’s possible that spectrum just wants customers to pay for a receiver. This would obviously fix the issue. Convenient for spectrum.


  • Gregmulbury
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    Oh, and just to prove it’s a spectrum problem, I get the same error code on my cell phone when I use the spectrum tv app on my phone. Notably, I do get local channels. Makes zero sense. Just about done with spectrum.

  • James_M
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    ALP-1001 is a generic connectivity error. In most cases, restarting the modem and updating the app on the device(s) you are using will usually resolve the issue. If the issue continues after these steps, let us know.

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