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There used to be a separate guide and live tv. If you go to a future time/listings and click the back arrow it automatically resets you to the current spot in the guide. But you may be intentionally looking at the future and recording several things. Also I hate that it just has the live tv and not a guide only option.

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  • William_M
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    Hi @Lauraclark11, welcome to our community!

    The guide was integrated into Live TV. It offers all the same functionality as it did previously. You can fullscreen it for an identical view by selecting the minimize button on the live TV picture.


  • dubgg
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    Dear Spectrum,

    Nobody likes the loss of the full page guide. NOBODY. Definitely a huge step back in customer service. If you are going to continue to overcharge AND provide poor services . . . well, you know the result of that.

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