Can you trade in a mobile device after you have activated a new line with spectrum?

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So I got a promo (upgraded internet speed get 12 month of movile). Well I was and still am, on a plan though Verizon. I was going through my email and noticed a spectrum promo that seemed like a good deal for me as I had just downgraded speeds the month prior. So I upgraded from 300 to 500mbps(I had 1 gig before). Well I'm unsure of why but I had an issue with the promo during that process so I reach out via chat. Now the associate had me upgrade speed again(so now I'm back at 1gig) which I was neutral about as 300 was too slow for me. Now I thoight I was good but still no promo. So I go to the store and they give me a number to call. After over 2 hours and speaking to someone in every department, some more than once, I not only was still without the promotion but I had acquired a home phone line in attempts to receive a different promo. Well after some hassle, more phone calls and chat convos and a couple days time I had the phone line promo at least. Which ultimately defeated the sole intention I had for getting the service but whatever I guess. So(sorry if you have made it to this point, you truly are a trooper) all of that is somewhat irrelevant I guess, just wanted to vent and was somewhat hoping an employee would see this. With that said, my question is this: I have received the new phone via FedEx and it is activated, also have the new modem for the phone line but again that's somewhat irrelevant to the question. Will spectrum accept my trade in at this point or does it have to be at point of sale? Seems like I should have 14 days or something as I didn't actually get the device at the store. Apologies for the short story I just wrote and to anyone who persevered I applaud you and if you can shed any light on the matter it will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community.

    As far as I am aware you would need to do the trade in at time of sale as it would have given you a credit towards the cost of the phone you had purchased from us.

    You would need to call in to 1-833-224-6603 to speak with the mobile team directly to see for sure what the policy is and the time frame you may have for that.


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