Is there a way to disable the exit to live tv screen

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I'm using the spectrum tv app on roku. If I leave the app and open it back up I always get the exit to live tv screen. Very annoying is there a way to disable this screen from appearing?


  • Renee_T
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    Hello @Gh_1

    Welcome to our community! It sounds like there may be a caching issue if that pop up is coming up every time you open the app. Are you able to reboot the modem and router by unplugging both devices for 30-45 seconds? Once the connection is back up, you would want to try opening the app again.

  • Meadow2023
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    I have rebooted the router and modem several times, and the Exit to Live screen is always there. How can it be removed? It is one more click that does not need to happen.

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