Crazy Lag/Latency Issues Please help

Itzp1nky Posts: 13 Participant

For the past 2-3 weeks ive been having really bad latency issues with my Spectrum cable Gig internet. The past 2 years Ive always had around 15-25ms ping but now Im getting serious packet loss and lag spikes. My upload latency is running between 100-800 normally settles out at around 300-400. Ive had spectrum techs out to my house 4 times and nothing is being done.

The 1st speedtest result was from nov 6th the 2nd speedtest was from nov 18th and the last picture is Results from pingplotter. You can see hop 3 is having serious issues and there is massive packet loss with hop 6 up to 46.2% loss it has to be a issue on spectrums end and not mine because nothing has changed in my house in 3 years as far as devices go and my network settings

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