Problems with Road Runner email account

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My Road Runner email account was opened when we started with Time Warner Cable over 30 years ago and almost everything I have is attached to that email. I have recently received complaints from others that the email address is bouncing back and not going through, although I haven't had trouble getting emails. The problem lies in being able to send out emails - they won't go through at all. Obviously, we are now with Spectrum. Please advise if there is anything to do to retain this current email account.


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    Good evening @CRG612 and Welcome to our Community Forums

    Thank you for reaching out to us about your email. Just to clarify, when you attempt to send out emails they are being bounced back. Is that correct? Are you being provided an error message with the emails you are unable to send? Can you make sure Your Email outgoing and incoming email server information is correct? -Lyn

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