Spectrum reset my cable router to factory - SSID and password?

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About 15min after the reported outage today, my router was no longer available. But I kept seeing two very strong signals. Turns out they're the factory ones from netgear. I found the password on my router. I logged in, saw the rest in the logs, but got booted off.

It bad enough Spectrum prevents owners from updating their firmware (the c7000v2 is years behind, with dozens on critical patches missing) - but this is absurd.

Was this intentional or did someone at Spectrum make an oopsie?



  • William_M
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    Hi @MikePlas. I don't see anything indicating it was done either intentionally or as a mistake. A router can return to its default settings if you hold the reset button on the back or from other things such as recovery after a power surge. If it happens repeatedly it might indicate equipment failure. We have no control over your routers WiFi settings.

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