Audio out of sync of Spectrum app and cable box


I have the problem many others have reported in detail on the Spectrum app on my iPad and Apple TV. Here is the archived, locked thread. There was never a fix:

For me, reinstalling the app on the iPad or Apple TV helps for a few days and then it loses sync again. I am suffering through it with the iPad, but as a result of the unfixed issue, I stopped using the Apple TV app and got a Spectrum traditional cable box. I notice that it, too, goes out of sync after a few weeks. Rebooting the cable box fixes it temporarily.

This leads me to suspect there may be an issue in the Spectrum content feed that results in sync issues both with the app and the box. Moderator's response in the previously-cited thread that app team is working on it may be not addressing the root of the problem. I'm trying to be constructive. Perhaps Moderator can open a ticket to look into this on both devices and see, if it's something that can't be fixed in the app or box software, and is not Internet-related, could there be a fix available higher up the transmission chain?


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    The cable box uses RF channelization and transport and modulation and the Apple TV box uses Internet-protocol data transport so, as far those go, it sounds like the problem is with your TV itself and/or whatever HDMI audio peripheral device/system that’s involved. Feel free to state your get-up and the make & model of your TV and, as far as the iPad goes, if the effect is stand-alone or casting to the TV.

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