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I use Outlook - Hotmail as my email provider. This morning I started getting the message above. It seems as if this has been and issue before with Sprectrum. How do I get it resolved?

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    It is not just you. This just started for me yesterday as well. I do NOT recommend wasting your time with the "chat" feature to try to resolve. It just goes to some bot that will blame it on Outlook, even if you send them the information saying they rejecting the email. It claims "we don't block email". See the code I sent them (Xs are obviously replacing the real email):

    " gave this error:

    <[email protected]> sender rejected. Please see for more information AUP#In-1010"

    Digging through Spectrum support, code "1010" is:

    "This email account has been blocked from sending emails due to suspicious activity. Blocks will expire based on the nature of the activity. If you’re a Spectrum customer, change all of your Spectrum passwords to secure your account and then contact us."

    So much for them not blocking emails. Don't bother changing your passwords, it does nothing. Don't bother using the Contact Us link either since your options are the chatbot or calling (which I am just going to assume waiting on the phone isn't going to get me to an IT expert, but you could certainly try).

    I got a Spam email this morning which claimed was from a Hotmail account, so I tried again and actual real Hotmail emails are still blocked. Having friends and family with Hotmail trying to send email to me makes this very frustrating.

    Not sure where to go next with this though.

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    I don't know but i don't think there's anything about that AUP fault dialogue to sneeze at. I think the idea is that changing the password can potentially keep it from happening again even if it doesn't immediately terminate the standing cool-off cycle.

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    I have changed my password, but no luck. Perhaps in a few days it will work, but that is not an encouraging strategy. I'd love for them to just fix this.

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    Try yours again now. I did a test last night and it wasn't rejected this time.

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