Why is there no local weather person in Rochester, NY on Spectrum 1 channel?

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This regards live TV channel, not the App or online. I live in Rochester, NY but my "local" Spectrum News 1 channel gives me the weather forecast for Albany, NY which is over 200 miles away and has very different weather. When did they stop having a real live Rochester weather person? If they stopped a local weather person at least give us the weather for Buffalo or Syracuse, both of which are closer. This stinks. another reason to give up Spectrum

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    Hello @ROC_Bri1234

    Welcome to our community! I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the Spectrum News 1 channel. Is it just the actual live weather segments with a weather person that are for Albany or are you seeing it with the the radar/temperature that's on in the lower left corner as well? Also, if you watch on the app, is it showing different weather than the cable box is?

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    You can also check out local news and weather at the following link:



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    Edit: if you're just talking about the morning shows, it looks like the ones based in Rochester & Buffalo & Syracuse have been replaced with the one based in Albany.


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    Thank you for all the responses. yes, I was getting the Rochester Doppler Radar visuals, but the weather person who did the report was in Albany and showed Albany maps and temperatures. This was at 5pm and for about an hour after. Later that night at 8pm it was back to the Rochester weather person giving us the Rochester weather and again in the morning it was the ususal Michael Goldrick giving us the Rochester weather. So it appears to have been a weird temporary problem.

    I was only watching live TV, not the app.

    I knew about the News anchor people but hadn't heard any changes for weather. The news anchors still do report some local stories. But weather has to be local or it doesn't serve the audience.

    We had a snow storm yesterday afternoon when this happened so I was eager to learn more. I wonder if the weather person was stuck in traffic and somebody ran Albany as an alternative.

    Oh well, all seems back to normal now.


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