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When we took the "free" Xumo device and service, we thought that we might be able to get more NFL games. We signed into Xumo after setting it up per instructions plus tech support help and we go to the Sprectrum app but not all the channels we are accustomed to show up. What the heck? It should be the same app and therefore the same subscription AND the same channels being available.

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    Thanks for confirming. I am seeing two accounts associated with your registration and the one that has the Xumo also has a limited channel package that does not include the sports options. To have access to NFL games, you would need to add the package that includes the sports tier or the one that includes local channels for in market and network broadcast games. If you would like to add the channels, please contact us at 1-855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328) or you can also visit a local store.


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    Hello @DanMc

    Welcome to our community! I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the Xumo. Within the Spectrum TV app you should receive the full lineup that you would receive on the cable box as long as you are at home. Is the Xumo connected to the home internet connection?

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    Thanks for the response. If we decide to make a change, we will do so at the Spectrum store nearby.

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    @DanMc Yes that is what we thought too. Salesperson neglected to mention that local channels are no longer available. 3 tech support agents later we found out "local" includes CW, PBS, a "local" sports channel broadcasting the hockey game at the other end of our state and a few others.

    You can record programs on these channels and play back later but not watch live. On the online guide these channels have an icon next to the channel number that looks like a compass or a timer.

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    There has yet to be a solid answer for why, when I use our ROKU, I get a good list of channels but using the Spectrum app on XUMO, I do not get that same list. I'll stick to the ROKU to get more channels. XUMO is going back today.

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