Thank you Jim!

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I was deciding between AT&T and Spectrum Internet for my new house. AT&T was rude but I was extremely delighted with Spectrum's customer service rep, Jim. Jim's cheery demeanor and sense of humor made him a joy to chat with. He actually listened to my needs and worked with me to find a solution. His transparency and helpfulness really sold me on Spectrum. Thanks to him, you guys gained a new customer! I really feel like he deserves more recognition so please track him down and reward him or something! He helped me at 2:04 PM PST. I don't know anything else about him but message me if you want my order number to help look for him! This is the most satisfied I've been with customer service for awhile.


  • William_M
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    Hi @elizabethjtan, welcome to our community!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to come here and provide your feedback on Jim. It's wonderful to see how much of an impact he made on you! I was able to locate your account and will forward these compliments so Jim gets the recognitions he deserves.

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