How to access the Spectrum app on Xumo?

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I have had the xumo box about a week now. I had no TV with Spectrum, only Internet and Mobile.. For three solid days and a number of reps, I have tried in vain to get programming. Every try ends the same way, not even showing I have TV serice.

Today, I drove the local Spectrum store, once again the agent suppossedly hooked me up with a package. Got home, same ole crap. We are are working on your subscription, try again later.

This has so soured me on Spectrum, that I honestly don't care if I ever get TV through them now. Horrible experience.


  • William_M
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    Hi @comer45638, welcome to our community!

    I'm sorry for the confusion getting your Xumo set up. In order to stream with your Xumo you need a seperate TV package with Spectrum, not just Internet or Mobile service, and only sales teams can made the requires changes to your package. Please give them a call at 1-855-707-7328​​​ to discuss available packages and schedule any desired changes.

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