Cannot Project from iPhone


I am trying to use a projector to project the spectrum app from my iphone. When I unplug the projector from the phone the app works. When I plug it in I get an ILP9000 error. Should I be able to do this? Thank you.


  • James_M
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    Hi & welcome!

    Sounds like you are using a lightning to HDMI connector and this type of casting is not supported using the app on iOS. You can mirror the screen using a compatible device such as an Apple TV or a Roku, but this also requires the projector to have Bluetooth capability. Otherwise you can also stream the app from Apple TV or Roku using an HDMI connection.

    I've included a link to Explore the Spectrum TV App that includes instructions for screen mirroring, that may be useful.

    If you still need assistance, please include the model of the projector so that other community members can check the projector specs.


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