Recently installed MB8600 router — firmware?

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3 years ago I bought and activated a Motorola MB8600 on Spectrum (southwest Ohio). It connected, but had bad throughout. At the time, it was not on the approved modem list. I’ve seen now that spectrum has approved it, and I’ve re-activated it, via self-activation. Good connection, good throughput.

2 questions:

1) Spectrum ( says this is a customer-owned Zoom Telephonics modem, which it is not. Is that a problem for future updates?

2) firmware on the modem is 8600-, which is the same firmware it had 3 years ago. When would I expect to see new firmware from Spectrum?


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    Hello @wjtaggart

    Welcome to our community! I'm glad you were able to get the new (old) modem activated and working. Motorola, Zoom Telephonics, and Arris all the same company now. The M series modems are technically listed as being "Motorola Zoom" products, so almost all of them show as Zoom Telephonics on our end. It can take quite a while for new firmware updates to be fully tested to ensure they are compatible with our network, so we are not provided expected dates for the firmware updates to be rolled out.


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    Thank you for the info re Zoom. Are you able to tell me current Spectrum-supported firmware for the MB8600? I see references to higher releases related to Spectrum maintained mb8600 (on reddit). Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.

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