Pausing or rewinding Live TV on the Spectrum App

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I just returned my cable boxes in an effort to save some of the nearly $300 per month Spectrum TV/Internet costs we incur.

I was initially told that the Spectrum App functions much the same way the boxes do, so we returned them yesterday. Excited we might actually save money and get TV for a reasonable cost, I learned today that we can't pause, fast forward, or rewind live TV. This has to be some sort of cruel joke!

How is it that Netflix, Prime, Max, Apple TV, etc., can all pause, fast-forward, and rewind, but Spectrum, which is, by the way, much more expensive than all the other apps, can't perform these simple functions? And after reading this forum, I see there are no plans to add the functionality!

With all the great technology Spectrum has, is it just me, or does this sound ludicrous?

What am I missing?

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    New Spectrum user here, And I came here looking for the same answers....... NOT being able to pause live TV is a huge disappointment for me as well. I had no idea prior to switching over that it was not available. I wish there was some compatible DVR with a physical HD that we could use for streaming, Since it seems like "cable boxes" are soon to be dinasours.

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