Recently having issues with email server connectivity

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Several weeks ago I started getting error messages after opening my email app on iPhone saying ‘ not responding’. I have not made any changes to my account settings and it only happens intermittently.

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  • Haley_B
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    Hello @Frustrated4real and welcome to our community!

    We're sorry to hear of this issue with accessing your email. When using our email service, your experience will always be best when accessing through our webmail site. For accessing through a third-party application, please review our Email and Mobile Server Settings page. If after reviewing these settings you find that all settings were correct, I do advise deleting the email from your mail app and adding it back.


  • Frustrated4real
    Frustrated4real Posts: 2 Spectator

    Thanks Haley_B. I’ll give that a try although it has worked fine for many years until just recently.

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