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I have an outage for 2nd day in a row

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    Hi @Mstrangia, welcome to our community!

    I recommend signing in at Spectrum.net or the My Spectrum app to verify any service interruptions in your area, to see available estimates, and to set up notifications. I'm very sorry for the disruption!


  • Mstrangia
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    My internet was out again for hours this morning and intermitted all afternoon into this evening(still happening). Called for tech support, on the phone for 35 minutes and get the same thing "We see that you are having an issue and we can send a tech out". Not one person at Spectrum Call Center could understand the issue. It's not my equipment or anything in my house - It's your issue and it's not being fixed. I'm paying for a service which you are not delivering or even willing to fix.

    Please no apologies just fix the issue.

    And by the way I'm set up to get notifications but didn't receive any, today.

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    I understand the frustration. Just because a technician is sent out does not mean that we believe there's an issue within your home or with your equipment. There can be issues with the line itself or at the pole/pedestal outside that we cannot diagnose remotely. Any issues with the network itself would need to be addressed by a technician as they are able to repair lines, run new ones, or escalate up any issues at the node since those all require being on site to diagnose.

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    They have to start somewhere. Is more efficient to work from the endpoint back than trying to start somewhere in the middle the potential routes your data may be using.

    They can more quickly investigate/isolate/confirm guality of signal and such for the single line at the client end and then work back in to the network along each leg where things can get more and more complex as things branch out into more and more lines along the various potential routes your data may take back and forth to the local plant.

    That is why they always recommend a tech come on site first... test and verify the much more controllable environment first, then escalate as needed to other teams that handle the more complicated aspects of the networks in play.

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