Third Party Device Won't Connect to Wifi

64falconford Posts: 2 Spectator

I have directv for my television provider and Spectrum for my wifi provider.

The directv receiver was connected to the Spectrum wifi until early Dec. then it lost it's connection.

Replaced receiver with a new one, but still will not connect.

If Spectrum has put a block on this connection, can it please unblock it.


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  • 64falconford
    64falconford Posts: 2 Spectator

    Had Spectrum wifi installed in July 2023, before that our wifi was thru the telephone line (Century Link) .

    Our tv receiver was connected to spectrum wifi, and working find until early Dec. and then lost connection.

    We have had Directv as our tv provider for 18 years. Never had a problem connecting receiver to the wifi.

    Called Directv support 4 times, no help. They sent a tech person three times. The first one thought Spectrum may have changed their signal. The second tech installed a new receiver, did not work. The third tech installed a long Ethernet cable from the receiver to the router, still would not connect.

    I have read that a wifi provider is capable of blocking a competitors wifi connection. I believe this could be my problem.

    How what do I do about it?? Does anybody have an answer??

  • Haley_B
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    Hello @64falconford,

    We do not block the ability of a device to connect to the Internet or wifi. For support with having a specific device connect to your wifi, please contact the manufacturer of the device that is experiencing issues connecting. In this case, Direct TV.

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