All Airtimes info disappeared from On Demand listings

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I browse the On Demand Premium offerings often (HBO, Showtime, etc). Until recently one could view All Airtimes for a given show through the On Demand listings on Ch 1000… e.g., The Curse airs at these times, these days, on these channels.  

Now all the upcoming airtimes have disappeared! If I hit All Airtimes when using On Demand, I see only buttons for on demand access. If I want to find when a show airs live on TV, on which channels, now I have to exit On Demand and use the Search function -- complicating what used to be a simple task. 

What the heck. It was super handy to view All Airtimes via On Demand listings. Please restore this functionality. Thank you.



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    Hi @Markh1!

    I can definitely see why having airtimes listed on the On Demand page would be convenient, and will be happy to forward your suggestions! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide your feedback.

  • Markh1
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    Thank you. The loss of valuable functionality for no good reason is not what we expect from Spectrum – not when we continue to pay ever-rising prices.  

    The interface is archaic and limited as it is. Time Warner (our previous provider before the Spectrum deal) used to highlight newly added movies with a simple red dot – brilliant! We could see new offerings without wading through lists of hundreds of movies. 

    That "new movie" highlighting disappeared with Spectrum; repeated customer complaints went nowhere. What’s new, what isn’t? We have no idea… not unless we scour the Internet to see, for example, the upcoming movie release schedule for Showtime. Yes “New Movies” have their own section in On Demand listings, but those are a mere handful of the movies that are indeed newly available. 

    Very limited filtering, inconsistent program descriptions, nonsensical search results -- I could go on and on with the deficiencies in the Spectrum interface.  We have seen basically ZERO innovation in recent years.

    A more sensible path may be to just end our Spectrum cable TV relationship in favor of the more modern and functional streaming services.

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