My Spectrum App not complete - troubleshooting

Twiggy Posts: 2 Spectator

Having a problem with trying to find the toggle for security shield to turn it off. Security shield has blocked access to a website that I need for work. I chatted with Stephen and he sent me an email of screenshots of how to turn it off through the My Spectrum app but mine looks different. Can anyone tell me why? The app is updated on my phone. The first picture is what I have when I open the My Spectrum app on my phone the second is what was sent to me.


  • Jaleesa_F
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    Hello @Twiggy

    Welcome to Community Forums, we are happy to look into this for you. What type of device are you using the My Spectrum app on?

  • Twiggy
    Twiggy Posts: 2 Spectator

    iphone 12 pro max

  • HT_Greenfield
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    Stupid question: are you subscribed for Spectrum Advanced Home WiFi and have such router up and running?


    Or are you talking about Security Suite running on a Mac or a Windows machine?


  • MikeSaus
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    The problem is with Spectrum's security shield. It randomly decided to block a site today that I have used for years. There's no option to proceed, just a message to go to the myspectrum app. Unfortunately the app is broken by a stupid chat bubble that floats directly over the top of the toggle to disable security shield. Why can't I do this from my Spectrum account on the web? I've wasted an hour on this now between trying to figure out why the site wouldn't load to trying to troubleshoot the problem with the app to waiting for support in chat to disable the shield. NOT HAPPY!

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