XUMO BOX Number 3?

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I will try to keep this short. I have been with Spectrum for years, when they rolled out the Xumo box I gave it a try so far, I have been through "3" boxes all with different issues, one each month the one I have now well let's just say. It's on thin ice, last leg. From HDMI cable problems, blue screen freeze connection problems and just turns off by itself along with the TV. The cable box had its issues. But was more reliable. And my Wi-Fi. Well, everything else connects no issues.


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    Hello @redone

    Welcome to our community! I'm sorry about the issues you've experienced with the Xumo. Have all of the Xumo boxes had the same issues or has it been different issues with each one?

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    Well, the first Xumo kit I got I had to do a Spectrum chat with a support person to find out the HDMI cable it came with was defective after trying two other cables I already had did not work either So, they said to return it for a replacement. The second one worked for a short while then all of a sudden it kept giving me a BLUE screen, so I went online and chat with support again they recommended I return that one as well after we tried all trouble shooting including router reboot and now this one. If I have to take this one back to get another replacement that will #4. This one turns off at night by itself along with my TV I do not have it on a timer while I'm watching and when I go out for 1 or 2 hours and leave it on and come back its off. All of them have had a connection issue with the router I have even when it's only 7 or 8 feet away from the router where I would have to type in my router password maybe 2 times week, I have only had this router for a little more than 2 years so it's not yet time to invest in a newer yet. I plan on getting a new one later in 2024 but this one still has some life left in it. Question. What is "REFERENCE CODE: XSTLP-1035"

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    XSTLP-1035 is a generic connectivity error. Does the error continue after restarting the modem and the device?

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