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Customer service reps should be required to inform customers that Xumo does not permit pausing, rewinding or fast forwarding. As a retired Time Warner Cable/Spectrum employee, I can attest to the fact that everything that Charter Spectrum has done in the past several years is like reinventing the wheel. 🙄 My question is, can I keep one regular cable box as well as one Xumo streaming device or do they have to be all the same?


  • Jefe2024
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    I'm interested to hear some feedback on this as well. I'm a new subscriber and new to 100% streaming. While I'm not using the Xumo box, I am using my apple TV to stream through the app and I just realized today there are no options for pausing/rewinding live TV. UGH :(

    I would add an older cable box/DVR if this is an option.

  • William_M
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    Hi @LeeAnn, welcome to our community! Some packages are streaming only, but any package with a regular cable receiver or DVR will allow you to use the Spectrum TV app on any of your other devices.

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