Great download, but no upload speed

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I have had the same issue repeatedly over the past year where my download speeds are over "500mb", but my upload is "2mb" or less sometimes so low its "0". Historically i call in and im told they see no outage in the area but see issues with my modem. They will only dispatch a person if i am home, so i take a day off work. I then have my service return to a working state with "20mb" upload before the tech shows up. I have replaced my, modem and have the same issue even when i hook the modem up to the wire outside my house. I am not sure if this is not recorded in the previous case notes along with what the fix was, or if it is a training issue to get people to look at historical data. With the poor network connectivity i can not work from home so i am left burning a day or more off every time this occurs, Jan 4th and i've already had this issue for 3 days.

My question is, is there is anything that can be done short of me losing another vacation day to this?

Even if i had to pay a person to show up and test to the outside point i would, as long as i had evidence that it isnt me and could get if fixed without losing my days off. As is i am paying $100+ a month for unreliable service.


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    Hi @swagnerjr. I recommend keeping your appointment, some issues may be intermittent but we can't fix it if you keep cancelling. The technician must be able to come inside to start his testing at the modem and internal wiring.

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